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Have You Been Charged with Violating a Protection Order? Work with Our Experienced Defense Attorney to Avoid Heavy Sentencing.

Violation of a Restraining Order, Protection Order, No-Contact Order

When you are the subject of a no-contact order or protection order it may feel like you are at the mercy of the person who filed the order against you. You may not want to even leave your house for fear of being arrested. Unfortunately, the restraining orders are often abused in our Washington court system.

Many times, the alleged victim will initiate contact with the defendant. If you are charged with violating a protection order you owe it to yourself to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you through the process. Mr. Graham has almost 20 years' experience in the criminal justice system, and he is a former prosecuting attorney.

When you are accused of violating a no-contact order it can often feel like you are guilty until proven innocent. This is not the way it is supposed to be. You shouldn't lie awake at night knowing that you could be arrested at anytime. An aggressive criminal lawyer can help the court system see what is really going on with your case. Our office does free consultations on criminal cases. We practice in Spokane and the surrounding counties of eastern Washington.