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Stalking is defined under Washington law as intentionally and repeatedly harassing or following another person, and thereby causing fear in that person. It is also a legal requirement that the defendant intended to frighten, intimidate, or harass the other person, or acted knowing that such fear would be caused.

Such an offense often depends on the word of the alleged victim. In defending Stalking allegations, a defense lawyer often has to subpoena phone records, text messages, and surveillance video to show that the defendant was not following the alleged victim. Such case can be hard fought and it is important that a defense lawyer put the time in to defend such a case and to establish a person's innocence.

Mr. Graham has handled Stalking allegations since shortly after the Washington Stalking statutes were first enacted. The offense is often charged as a domestic violence offense.

Stalking is a felony offense under Washington law, and if you are accused of such a crime you deserve an experienced attorney fighting for your rights. Mr. Graham handles criminal charges throughout eastern Washington, and he is available for free consultation on your criminal charge.