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White Collar Crimes in Washington

Being arrested and charged with a criminal offense can cause a great deal of emotional hardship as well as embarrassment and even anger. It is vitally important to your future that you have skilled representation on your side that can help you fight for a favorable outcome. White collar crimes are often financially motivated and are generally committed by high-salaried professionals and are non-violent.

This firm can help you in any of the following ways related to white collar crimes:

  • Theft and Embezzlement- If you are entrusted with an account for the purpose of withdrawing funds for compensation, and you withdraw funds for any other purpose than was specified in your agreement, then you have committed the act of embezzlement.
  • Extortion - Also known as blackmail, extortion is the act of obtaining money, services, or goods from another person or entity through coercion and threats. This is a white collar crime that can result in extremely harsh penalties for conviction.
  • Money Laundering - Passing illegally obtained funds through a legitimate entity such as a bank; in order to mask their origin is the criminal offense of money laundering. Many times a small business owner can deposit these funds along with funds earned by the business into a bank thereby masking the origin of the illegally obtained funds.
  • Counterfeiting - To counterfeit means to copy or to fake something. In many cases counterfeiting is associated with printing fake money for the purpose of illegal use. There are many cases where this can apply to clothing brands, and many other cases.
  • Forgery - If you are arrested and charged with the crime of forgery, then you could face years in prison and other harsh penalties. This is the crime of altering or imitating documents or other objects with the intent to deceive.
  • Credit Card Fraud - Credit card fraud can be committed in numerous, different ways. Generally, the crime is committed for one of two purposes: to obtain items without paying, or to obtain unauthorized funds from an account.
  • Identity Theft - Identity theft can be an extremely serious issue. While stealing a social security number in order to open a bank account or another purpose is a serious offense, other actions such as possession of another's credit cards also carries significant penalties. Identity Theft can be a white collar offense, or it can be associated with more low-level street crime.
  • Tax Evasion - There are many ways to conceal or to misrepresent your affairs in order to reduce your tax liability. If you are arrested and charged with this crime, then you could face some extremely harsh penalties for conviction.
  • Fraud - Fraud is the intentional misrepresentation of fact for personal gain or detriment to another. This can include situations at banks, businesses, wire, health care, mail, and mortgages, among many others. The penalties for conviction can also be extremely harsh.

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