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Spokane Theft & Embezzlement

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Steve Graham was rated one of Spokane's top five criminal lawyers by the magazine Spokane - Couer d'Alene Living. When your future is at stake, look for an attorney with history of winning serious embezzlement and theft cases. Mr. Graham's courtroom victories include winning not guilty verdicts on all 18 counts in an embezzlement / theft jury trial. Don't leave your future to chance.

A conviction for theft, embezzlement, fraud, or forgery can ruin careers, limit future employment and destroy reputations. There is hope for those accused of such crimes. Serving, Spokane County, Okanogan County, Ferry County, Lincoln County, Grant county and Stevens County, Mr. Graham will fight to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome and defense in your case.

Theft and Embezzlement

Under Washington law, Theft is typically defined as exerting unauthorized control over the property or service of another person with the intent to deprive. The punishments vary depending on the level of the offense. Theft can be charged in three levels: Theft First Degree, Theft Second Degree, and Theft Third Degree.

Charges of Theft of a Firearm bring additional penalties. Often times prosecutors will charge the offense higher than the evidence supports. Theft First Degree requires proof that the value of the property or services was over $5,000. Second Degree requires proof of valuation over $750. In court, there can be considerable debate over the value of the property. The value of the property is to be measured at the fair market value of the item at the time it was stolen. Prosecutors often try to value the property based on the item's replacement value, which can be much higher. This is incorrect.

Such items as computers, iPods, and appliances have high replacement values, but the law requires that the items be value based on the condition that the items were in at the time of the alleged theft. Mr. Graham often will consult with experts who can testify as to the values. In cases of employee theft, or embezzlement, investigations are often highly complicated and a high level of documentation and paper records. Before you speak to an investigator on such white collar cases, it is important to consult to an attorney first.

Fraud, Forgery, ID Theft, Unlawful Issuance of Bank Checks

It is the job of the defense lawyer to insist that the prosecution prove its case. Often times the police do not conduct handwriting analysis in white collar or bad check cases. Investigators often do not sufficiently document the evidence in such cases. At the Law Office of Steve Graham, we will thoroughly review your case to prepare for court. Such preparation can often lead to a favorable settlement or a better result at trial.

Violations of constitutional rights can lead to evidence being thrown out of court, but these irregularities can only be discovered by a thorough defense. Often times the authorities will attempt to turn a business dispute into a criminal charge by taking one side over the other. Forgery and Fraud are serious charges, and an aggressive attorney is needed so you do not stand alone.

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If you would like to discuss your case or circumstance with me, feel free to call. I do free consultations on criminal cases. Being charged with a criminal case can be intimidating and can turn your life upside down. However, it may not be as bad you think. Talk to a lawyer who understands how these charges work in our court system. You will receive my honest opinion and I will listen to you and answer your questions. See our related page on Identity Theft and Shoplifting.

Call (509) 252-9167. When faced with allegations of Theft, Forgery, Credit Card Fraud, Embezzlement or Bad Checks, or Possession of Stolen Property it is best to speak to an experienced attorney as soon as possible.