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Fighting a DUI in Spokane

A first-time DUI charge can seem very intimidating. Many people say to themselves "I blew over .08, can anything really be done?" The answer is yes! DUI law is very complicated, and you owe it to yourself to get an attorney with a lot of experience fighting and beating DUI charges.

The Breath Test is Not Accurate

Many people assume that the breath test or BAC is highly accurate. This is what the State Patrol and State Toxicology Lab would have you believe. In reality the breath instrument can be thrown off by a number of factors, including elevated body temperature (or fever), by breathing patterns, by an increase in the number of red blood cells (hematocrit), by a diabetic condition, by working in proximity to paint thinners and other contaminants, and by the presence of dentures, chewing tobacco, and mouth jewelry.

The BAC can also be thrown off by mouth alcohol from belching or by partial regurgitation. DUI defense attorney Steve Graham has won DUI charges on these grounds, and has hired nationally renowned experts to testify on behalf of his clients. It is important to hire a DUI lawyer that understands these issues.

The Breath Test Can Sometimes Be Thrown Out of Court

In Washington courts, a prosecuting attorney must show that scientific evidence is reliable in order for it to be admitted into evidence. With a breath alcohol test, strict procedures must be followed prior to the test. Some of these procedures involve preparing the breath instrument. Other requirements include the reading of a person's constitutional rights and implied consent warnings. Without the advice of an experienced DUI attorney, it is hard for a citizen to know how strong a DUI charge really is.

Roadside Tests or "Field Sobriety Tests"

An officer will usually ask a driver to take or perform certain tests to assist the officer in determining whether to make a DUI or DWI arrest. These tests are scored very subjectively by the arresting officer. Additionally, scientific studies have shown that 46% percent of non-drinking drivers will fail these tests when it is the first time that they try these tests. A persons age, disability, or body weight can effect the accuracy of these tests.

If you have been arrested for DUI, it is important for you to contact an attorney right away so he or she can make a public records request for any video or audio of your arrest. This evidence is sometimes destroyed in a matter of days or weeks. Also video evidence may be available of a person's jail booking. It is crucial to show the jury this evidence so they can see that you were not in the condition that the officer says you were in.

Spokane DUI Lawyer

There are many various driving offenses that can result in arrest and serious penalties for conviction. DUI is a very serious offense that most often results in driver's license suspension among other severe penalties. If you have been arrested and charged with the crime of DUI, then you could face many serious penalties including driver's license suspension. You will have the opportunity to fight this penalty through a DMV hearing, and with the proper representation, you may be able to prevent this penalty from being imposed on you.

People make mistakes every day, and it hardly seems fair that a person's entire livelihood be stripped due to one mistake. If you are facing driver's license suspension, then you need the skillful representation of the Law Office of Steve Graham on your side. With experience as a prosecutor, he can provide you with the specific defense that you need, and the representation that effectively pursues your rights, your goals, and your desires in your case. Losing your license could mean relying on public transportation to get to work, and other activities. This is often a highly inconvenient and sometimes unreliable form of transportation.

If you are convicted of DUI, the conviction is on your record for life. The laws of Washington do not ever allow the conviction to be vacated, sealed or expunged. It is important that you get your case done right the first time. Steve Graham has been doing DUI jury trials for 20 years and can assist you in helping you with your case. Don't let your case be handled by an attorney who focuses mostly on other areas of the law.

Your situation is of the utmost importance to this firm, and you can be sure that Attorney Graham will work alongside you to pursue a favorable outcome in your case if you choose to work with this firm. In addition, he offers a free case evaluation so that you may obtain some legal advice and information regarding your case without any financial obligation on your part. With 20 years of experience in handling criminal cases in Washington, as well as prosecution experience, you can rest assured that Mr. Graham can provide you with the criminal defense representation that you need in your case.

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It is vitally important that you aggressively fight for your rights in this case and that you have skilled representation on your side that can help you fight for a favorable outcome in your case. Attorney Graham has years of experience in defending the criminally accused residents of Spokane, Washington, and he has experience as a prosecution attorney.

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