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Breath and Blood Tests: Spokane DUI's

Did you fail a breath or blood test in Spokane, Washington?

Law enforcement officials use a variety of screenings and checks to determine an individual's sobriety, including field tests and chemical screenings. When calculating blood alcohol content (BAC), police often turn to breathalyzers and blood tests to produce accurate results.

History has shown these tests to be easily skewed and unreliable. If you failed a breath or blood test and are facing DUI charges, you need a seasoned Spokane DUI attorney on your side. At the Law Office of Steve Graham, the firm's lead lawyer has more than 20 years of experience protecting the rights of the criminally accused. He has worked with a number of clients facing situations similar to yours and understands how to build a solid legal defense that produces successful results.

Inaccuracies in Breath and Blood Tests: DUI Attorney in Spokane to Challenge the Evidence

Although police submit blood and breath test results as strong evidence for intoxication in a DUI case, these results are not as accurate as you might think. When police submit breathalyzer results, they must also show that the machine used can produce reliable results. These machines require regular maintenance to perform correctly. If an attorney can show police failed to calibrate the device properly, the court may deem the breathalyzer results inadmissible as evidence.

A number of other factors, including the temperature of the breathalyzer machine, the body temperature of the individual using it, varying levels of hematocrit in the individual's blood, and whether the individual has recently burped or vomited, can all affect BAC readings. A skilled attorney can determine if any of these elements were present in your situation and take steps to have the charges against you reduced or dropped altogether.

Law enforcement also turn to blood tests to determine BAC levels. They use these screenings less often though, since they are more invasive and take longer to perform. While you might assume blood test results are failsafe, they can produce false results. Individuals with diabetes or with high blood ketones can have abnormally high BAC readings. Similarly, individuals who have recently ingested herbal supplements or cough medicines can have skewed findings.

Let an Experienced Spokane DUI Attorney Defend Your Case

Attorney Steve Graham understands what is at stake when facing a DUI charge. That's why he is committed to helping his clients find the best resolution possible for their case. As a former prosecutor, he understands both sides of the criminal law process, which gives him valuable insight into how the prosecution may approach their case against you. Don't let an inaccurate blood or breath test ruin your future and reputation. Turn to the Spokane DUI attorney whom past clients agree was the fierce advocate they needed for their legal situation. See also our page on assisting people arrested in Spokane with their first DUI court appearance.

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