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Being charged with a crime can represent a low point in a person's life. You need an attorney who is as passionate about your case as you are. Criminal charges can be beat! Steve Graham has won as many as 7 felony trials in a row. In 1998, Steve Graham became the youngest elected prosecuting attorney in the State. He knows how prosecutors think. Now, for 20 years he has been a private criminal defense lawyer, working for you. His firm handles a variety of criminal cases such as DUI, assault, theft cases, and drug offenses.  He handles a variety of high-profile case featured in the national media. 

In addition to his years of experience, Attorney Graham is a former criminal prosecuting attorney. This is a tremendous advantage that many other Spokane law firms cannot offer to their clients. If you choose to work with this firm, then you will have access to the top experience and best practices of a former prosecutor who will be able to build a defense of your case in order to specifically target the areas in which the prosecution will attack you. Let this attorney put his skill and experience to work for you in your case. Whether your charge is an assault or DUI in Spokane, a drug charge in Grant County, or an MIP or marijuana charge in Pullman, Washington, lawyer Steve Graham is the person to call.

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Many criminal allegations are simply untrue. Violent felony charges such as domestic violence assault (that could lead to decades in prison) are actually filed against the wrong person, or the actions were justified due to self-defense. DUI charges can based on inaccurate breath tests, and most drug delivery offenses are based simply on the work of an unreliable informant. Sometimes the police reports are so biased and one-sided, that a person wonders if the authorities are describing a different court case. If you call Steve Graham, he can provide a free consultation and will tell you what can be done to help your situation. Criminal charges bring a social stigma in our society. You need to be vindicated. Criminal convictions and admissions of guilt can ruin reputations and careers. A good name is a precious asset, and substandard police work can seem to take that away in an instant. For college students, criminal convictions can destroy futures and opportunities. There is an attorney in Washington state who understands this. Spokane criminal lawyer Steve Graham can turn the tables, and help correct the injustice. Call him at (509) 252-9167.

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  • “I would definitely recommend Steve Graham”


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  • “ I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a criminal lawyer”


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If you have heard Steve Graham interviewed on KCAA 1050AM (Los Angeles) or CKWX 1130AM (Vancouver BC), you know that he is knowledgeable about criminal law. If you have seen his murder trials in The National Enquirer, you have seen that he can handle high publicity cases. Steve Graham’s court cases have been featured on ESPN, Fox Sports and the Oxygen Channel. His work to free a Polish metal band falsely accused of rape was featured in Rollingstone magazine and the BBC. His work on behalf of a NFL bound football player was featured on ESPN and the Seattle-Times. Call for a free consultation, and you can have Steve Graham in your corner.

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The representation that you have on your side is often the difference between years in prison, and lesser or even dropped charges in some cases. It is vitally important that you take the time to understand the representation that you are seeking, as well as what you need in an attorney on your side. It is important that you seek representation that has experience, and that understands the severity of the situation that you face. Attorney Graham has more than 25 years of experience in handling these types of cases, and he can put this to work for you. Whether your case is in Spokane, or Stevens County, or Pullman or elsewhere, an aggressive legal defense can assist in protecting your rights and preserving your future and livelihood.
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