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Drug Trafficking Convictions Carry Lengthy Prison Sentences. Put Our Courtroom Skill to Work in Establishing Your Successful Defense.

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Those convicted of drug trafficking face heavy penalties by Washington state prosecutors which can include time behind bars and heavy fines. You are entitled to a legal defense, however, if you have been arrested, and a Spokane drug crimes attorney can contest your charges and work to undermine the prosecution's case against you.

A drug charge of any kind is not above reproach. Police make mistakes, and Steve Graham can bring these to light on your behalf. You deserve seasoned defense for your alleged drug crime which Steve Graham can provide. He has been fighting criminal charges for almost 20 years and puts this experience to work with every case he handles. Further, Steve Graham has additional experience as a criminal prosecutor, meaning he understands how prosecutors work to obtain a conviction and can use this knowledge to outmaneuver them in order to avoid a conviction.

Drug Trafficking?

Trafficking charges are especially serious because you can incur both state and federal penalties with a conviction when you are charged with manufacturing, possessing, or delivery of a controlled substance. When experienced prosecutors are involved, you need a high-quality Spokane drug crimes lawyer with prosecutorial experience to preserve your freedom.

One tested means of defending those charged is by asserting they had no knowledge of the possession or delivery of the drug. In addition, if the drugs found were collected in such a way that your rights were violated, any evidence seized can be suppressed and not used by the prosecution. Additionally, under the "fruit of the poisonous tree rule" any evidence that derives from the tainted evidence is also thrown out of court. The attorneys at the Law Office of Steve Graham have spent their careers in studying the constitutional and technical rules that apply to search and seizure.

Federal law bans any person from manufacturing, distributing, or possessing a controlled substance in any quantity. A defendant who is convicted of such an offense is subject to sentencing based on the quantity of the controlled substance. The precise details about sentences and monetary penalties for controlled substances are found in the United States Code. The length of incarceration increases for larger amounts of controlled substances. There are also penalty enhancements if injury results or for prior convictions including state convictions. In addition, sentencing enhancements can apply for convictions for drug trafficking when the defendant is considered the leader or if a gun is involved.

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The Law Office of Steve Graham works hard to provide an effective and aggressive defense of clients charged with drug trafficking. He knows your future is on the line when you are arrested for drug charges and he fights to preserve your rights at all costs.

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