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Eastern Washington University Expulsion Process

A disciplinary action at EWU begins with the filing of a complaint with the dean's office or with the office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (SRR). EWU student conductA complaint can be filed by anyone but usually it is a student, professor, police officer, or an administrator of the school who takes that action.

The school rules spell out certain rights that an EWU student has including the right to a fair conduct review process, the right to remain silent during the conduct review process, the right to speak on their own behalf, the right to hear all information presented against them, the right to call witnesses in their defense, and the right to an appeal.

Off-Campus Behavior

EWU has jurisdiction to punish students for behavior even if it occurs off campus. In fact, unlike other schools, EWU requires students to notify the school if they are arrested off-campus. When the office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (SRR) learns of the arrest, they may send a letter to the student requiring that he or she make an appointment for a meeting to discuss the matter.

If disciplinary action is taken, the matter is set on for a preliminary conference so the student may review the evidence against him and be advised of his rights. The student may opt for a summary hearing, or may ask that the matter be set on before the full conduct review board. The hearing before the conduct review board involves live witnesses and an ability to make a closing statement.

EWU Charges that Could Lead to Expulsion

The EWU school code does not specifically state which offenses could lead to suspension or expulsion. The decision is left to the board. However, it is usually charges that involve a criminal offense such as rape or sexual assault, firearms offenses, delivery of drugs, or assault. A disciplinary action brought by a school is a very serious matter, and a student should seek an attorney right away for guidance. In the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of students that have been expelled from universities for allegations of rape or sexual assault. Area colleges are under increasing pressure from the Office of Civil Rights in D.C. to expel students to maintain compliance with Title IX of the Civil Rights Act.