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Maddesyn George - Thank You to Friends and Family!

Maddesyn wanted me to write and tell everyone THANK YOU for all the kind letters and books and prayers she has received this last month or so. She feels truly blessed and she appreciates everyone of you! Maddesyn George

When an inmate receives a book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, the book is separated from its packaging and there is no way for Maddesyn to know who sent the book, so unfortunately it is hard for Maddesyn to make personal thank you's. You can always reach out to me, her attorney, and let me know what you have sent. I can be reached at steve at grahamdefense dot com. 

She also did receive one duplicate of the books she requested, but she passed along the book to another young woman in the Spokane jail who hasn't received much of anything from the outside world. She is developing bonds with the other women in jail and is getting along with others well, including people from much different backgrounds.

I read yesterday's Spokesman-Review article to her about how a lot of her friends and neighbors are getting access to the vaccine early, and she is glad to hear that news. She, herself, has not had the vaccine yet, and it is difficult to say when that might come. Typically when a new inmate comes in she is quarantined for a little bit, so Maddesyn feels like she is protected the best she can be. The hard part is there is no group NA meetings or bible study due to Covid restrictions.

If anyone else wants to send Maddesyn a book, she is interested in books by TM Frazier or Ellen Hopkins, but honestly she feels quite spoiled by what she has already received.  For more on how to get books to her, see this last post.

Thank you again everyone.