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To Friends and Family of Maddesyn George

I am reaching out to the friends of Maddesyn George.  Maddesyn is in the Spokane County Jail and would love to hear from you.   Her mailing address is:

Maddesyn George c/o 

Spokane County Detention Services

1100 West Mallon

Spokane WA 99260

As many of you know, Maddesyn is charged with second degree murder. She explained to the police immediately after the shooting that she acted in self-defense and reported that she had been sexually assaulted the day prior. Maddesyn is still feeling very positive about the trial coming up, but like all of us, she is discouraged by the delays.maddesyn george As many of you know, she has been locked up since July 12th. Her trial is now set for May. Maddesyn can’t have any visitors, and she is often quarantined or isolated due to health precautions. So if any of you could write her a letter, please do! She would love to hear from more family members, former classmates, or neighbors. Keep in mind the rules for letters which are posted here. Basically you can’t mail cards or photos or magazines. You can just send letters. A lot of people might be slow to write letters because they don’t know what to say. Please just tell Maddy that you miss her and look forward to seeing her again! Feel free to share your favorite bible verse, or any words of encouragement that might be good for a woman in recovery and who has survived a lot of trauma. If any of you have a favorite book you would recommend, please share that with her. She has been reading a lot. If any of you are in position to buy her a book, she would certainly appreciate that! Keep in mind that you will need to have Amazon ship the book directly to her at the jail. (You can’t just mail her a book directly.) Also, the book will have to be soft-cover or paperback. Here are a few books that are on her wish list:

Amazon: Word Jumble Challenges

Amazon: The Confident Woman: Knowing Who You Are in Christ

Amazon: The Stranger by Harlan Coben

Amazon: Surviving Trauma Crisis and Grief: Practical & Spiritual Steps To Help You Survive, Heal & Help Others

UPDATE: Maddesyn has received all those above books!  Thank you very much!  See this recent note from Maddesyn. If someone wants to get her another book, she would enjoy any book by TM Frazier or Ellen Hopkins.

Thanks for reading!!!