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There are many citations in Federal Court that you may not take too serious at first. The citation looks like a traffic ticket, but many of these matters are criminal cases and can leave you with a criminal record. These federal offenses are issued by agents from the National Park Service, Bureau of Reclamation Rangers, Bureau of Land Management Rangers, Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS), U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, U.S. Postal Service, Forest Service, etc.

United States District Court Violation Notice

Many of these matters called "Petty Offenses" are on a special docket in the federal courthouse in Spokane.federal petty offense On some cases, a person charged can post collateral in the amount of the ticket instead of appearing in court. This can lead to a criminal conviction in many instances. Some offenses require a mandatory appearance, and they are marked MA on the bail schedule. If an individual fails to appear and fails to respond in the citation, he or she can be subject to arrest on a warrant issued by the judge or magistrate. It is important to address these matters promptly before they turn into larger problems.

National Parks Violations

Many petty offenses or violation notices are issued by National Park Service Rangers, most commonly in the North Cascade National Park and the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area. Additionally the cases are handle similarly in the Colville National Forest and the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest.

Citations are commonly issued for matters such as:

  • Archeological Resource Violations
  • Fishing, Net Violations
  • Trapping Violations
  • Camping, Food Storage, and Campfire, Picnicking in Prohibited Area
  • DUI, Operating a Vehicle in a Reckless or Negligent Manner So as to Endanger Persons or Property, Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Due Care
  • Boating, Water-Ski, Jet Ski Towing Violations, Motorboat on Closed Lake, Vessel Citations
  • Noise and Public Disturbance Violations
  • Littering, Waste, Sanitation, Pollution Violations, Refuse, Debris in Closed Area
  • Pet, Dog, Cat, Horse, Prohibited on Trails, Possession of Dog Not on Leash
  • Smoking Citations, Marijuana, Alcohol Violations, Open Container
  • Trespass, Disorderly Conduct, Giving False Information, Failure to Obey Lawful Order, Defacing Public Property
  • Explosives, Fireworks Violations, Unlawful Discharging of a Firearm
  • Livestock, Herding, Pasturing, or Grazing Citations
  • Traveling on Closed Roads, Load weight and Size Limits, Safety Belt Citations
  • Parking in Violation of Posted Restrictions, Operation off Roadways, Operation in Prohibited or Restricted Area, Snowmobile Violations
  • Threatened, Endangered, or Rare Species, Taking Migratory Bird, Fishing Without a License, Hunting Without a License
  • Snowmobile citations such as closed wilderness area, careless driving, etc.
  • Timber, Cutting or Removal of Trees, Gathering Wood in Prohibited Area
  • Interference with Government Employee
  • ORV Violation, Closed Area, Reckless / Negligent Operation of ATV, Failure to Obtain Recreation Permit
  • Interfering or Giving False Report to Forest Officer

If you are charged or cited with these charges or other federal offenses in the Eastern District of Washington, Spokane, please call our office today.