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What Is the Meaning of a "Deactivated" Confidential Informant?

“Deactivated” just means that the informant was terminated or fired from his work as an informant prior to the completion of the work that was expected of him. A deactivated informant can still be subpoenaed to testify in court, however. Generally speaking, if information from an informant is being used in a probable cause affidavit to apply for a warrant, the police should notify the judge that the informant was deactivated and why this occurred.deactivated informant Common reasons for why an informant becomes deactivated are lying to his handlers, failing a polygraph or UA test, or violating the law in some unapproved way. The fact that an informant testifies in a case and is later deactivated does not mean that the defendants he helped convict automatically get a new trial, but it is certainly something that the defense attorneys could look into on appeal. It is possible for a “deactivated” informant to get reactivated. Some police agencies have blanket policies prohibiting reactivation, but most police agencies take these matters on a case by case basis. Under the legal precedent of Brady v. Maryland, prosecutors must disclose to defense attorneys if an informant has any credibility issues at all.

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