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Does Spokane Have a Lot of Paid Confidential Informants?

There are no publicly available statistics for how many paid informants are operating in any given jurisdiction. As a criminal defense attorney who practices all over eastern Washington, I would guess that in Spokane there are fewer paid informants per capita compared to other smaller jurisdictions such as Okanogan County, for example.spokane informants It seems like in Spokane, the police are able to make their cases more easily without informants. In metropolitan areas, drug cases can be made by surveilling the house from a distance or getting tips from the neighbors in the area. Once the police are alerted to the existence of a drug house they attempt to pull over a customer leaving the location (for broken tail light, for example) and catch him or her with drugs. Once that occurs, the police can apply for a search warrant even without the cooperation of the arrestee. In more rural locales, surveillance is more difficult and the drug transactions are more secretive and dealers are less willing to work with strangers. In such circumstance, the police are usually forced to resort to in-depth work with informants.

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