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Do the Feds Care About the Safety of Confidential Informants?

This is a question I hear a lot from people who are working as informants or considering such work. Working as an informant is dangerous work. The primary goal of law enforcement is to use the informant to assist in investigations, and the safety of the informant is of secondary importance. Police officers can be fiercely loyal to each other, but their relationship with informants is something different entirely. Informants are often seen as expendable and at best they will have a short relationship with the police rather than long term. The police will do their best at guiding an informant on how to be cautious and will try to remain close by while the informant is working, but sending someone into a drug dealer's house is always a dangerous endeavor. Should an informant get cold feet and decide that he or she does not want to do such work, the police will definitely seek to revoke the agreement that the informant has signed. The well being of the informant is seen as being sacrificed to the greater good of getting drugs off of the street. The risk to the informant is definitely seen as a secondary concern. That said, violence against informants is relatively rare. It is more common for informants to face ridicule, or to simply be ostracized in a community.

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