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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Drug Informants

I have been dealing with confidential informants for most of my legal career. As a young prosecutor 25 years ago I served on a drug task force, and I would sign informants and use them in my court cases, and sometimes I would fire them and charge them with crimes.confidential informant As a criminal defense attorney, I wonder about their identity and sometimes interview them and cross examine them on the witness stand. They are looked at by our justice system as being a necessary evil. They are viewed by jurors with suspicion and are never really trusted by law enforcement. It takes a different sort of person to ever agree to be a drug informant. It is dangerous work and there is a high level of unpredictability in what the police will ask them to do. People agree to work as drug informants for a variety of reasons, including desperation, excitement, retribution or a sense of civic mindedness. Here is a list of the common questions that people ask about drug informants and what they face with their line of work.

Frequently asked questions about informants:

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