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Multiple DUI Offenses

Spokane DUI Lawyer

In Washington, the courts may look as far back as seven years to for previous DUI's. If, during that time, you were arrested for DUI (and a conviction resulted), it can be counted against you and you could be facing another DUI on your record. The courts might try to look farther back for older convictions, but this does not necessarily mean it can be used as evidence against you.

If you were arrested for a second or third DUI, it is highly recommended that you consult the Law Office of Steve Graham. The founding attorney can discuss with you all of the possibilities related to your charge and may even be able to help you avoid conviction altogether.

Second & Third DUI Offenses

You might be aware that Washington considers DUI's a gross misdemeanor charge, which means that at minimum, you could land in jail for up to a year and pay a minimum fine of $500. For a second charge, the penalties vary depending on what your BAC was measured at the time of your arrest. If your BAC was over .15%, the penalties can be greater than if you had a lower BAC around .08%.

A BAC higher than .15% will increase the penalties in asecond DUI offense:

  • License suspension: Up to 3 years
  • Jail time minimum: 45 days over .15%
  • Fines: $1400 to $15000 if over .15%
  • Ignition interlock device: Keep on vehicle for 5 years
  • Probation: 5 years

A third DUI offense extends these penalties further. Any more than three, and you could be heading into the possibility of felony charges. One way to combat these is to have a qualified Spokane DUI attorney work on lessening your charges, like working out a plea bargain with prosecution.

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Even if you did everything in your power to avoid getting arrested for another DUI, know that everyone makes mistakes. That is why you have an attorney like Steve Graham on your side. He knows that you need all the legal assistance necessary to fight against your charges. Going through the entire criminal process of a DUI conviction is exhausting enough already, but repeating it again might even be more unbearable. Let Attorney Graham help protect your record.

With years of experience handling all types of cases in criminal defense, Attorney Graham is dedicated to preserving your freedom and your reputation. Call the firm today for a free consultation!